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Amino acid-containing foliar fertilizer




Net content: 1000ml
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Product efficacy: ----------------------------------------------------------

1. Absorb nitrogen fertilizer in the air, quickly activate and decompose the fixed and difficult to absorb phosphorus and potassium in the soil, and supplement various rare medium and trace elements in soil fill such as iron, zinc, manganese, boron and molybdenum, so as to enhance photosynthesis.

2. Sterilization and stress resistance can quickly alleviate various physiological diseases caused by bacteria, fungi and viruses, improve the ability of crops to resist disease, insect, drought, cold, water logging, salt and alkali, dry hot wind and continuous cropping, reduce the damage caused by natural disasters to crops and alleviate drug damage.

3. This product is hormone free, safe, non-toxic, no side effects and no agricultural pollution. It is an ideal product for developing ecological agriculture and producing green food.

Technology and method of use: ----------------------------------------------------------

This product is applicable to all crops such as grain, cotton oil, melons,fruits and vegetables, tobacco leaves, tea trees, medicinal materials, flower seedlings, fruit trees and edible fungi. Spray evenly every 35grams of water in the early stage: spray evenly every 15-30 kilograms of 70 grams of water in the middle and late stage (according to crops). The crops can be used continuously for 3-5 times in the whole growth cycle, with an interval of 7-10 days.Product features.

This product is a water-soluble fertilizer containing amino acids, which is concentrated by microbial fermentation. Most of the nutrients are bacterial metabolites.

Matters needing attention: ----------------------------------------------------------

1. Please place this product in a cool place. Dry place to prevent sun exposure.

2. Please keep non food items properly.

3. If there is a little caking, it is normal and does not affect the effect.

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