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Trace element water soluble fertilizer




Net content: 1000g
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Product features: ----------------------------------------------------------

This product contains trace elements such as calcium, magnesium,zinc, manganese,boron, etc., which are necessary for plant growth and development.

It is fully nutritious and easy to absorb. Can increase the vitality of plant cells.

Adjust the physiological functions of plants, supplement the lack of fertilizer supply in the soil, promote the growth and development of crops, improve the stress resistance of crops, improve product quality and increase crop yield.

Product description:----------------------------------------------------------

1. Regulating physiological metabolism: increasing flowering and fruit setting rate, making crops blossom and bear fruit early, and putting them on the market 5~7 days earlier;

2. Improve the quality of crops: make the fruits well colored, less deformed fruits, good taste, no fruit cracking, early ripening, storage and transportation resistance, and make the leafy vegetables bright green, shiny, less fiber, crisp and tender in quality and fresh in taste. Make root vegetables crisp, tender and juicy, smooth in skin and neat in shape;

3. Promote rooting and germination: weak seedlings become strong seedlings, which can quickly recover stiff seedlings, yellow leaves, rolled leaves, fallen leaves, etc. Improve the absorption and utilization of mineral nutrients, promote the development

of root system, and facilitate the development of strong seedlings; Promote the plant to grow vigorously and healthily;

4. Fertilizer nutrient balance: quickly correct the element deficiency disease shape, make the leafy vegetable crops plump in leaf shape, thick and green in leaves, and prevent brittle leaves,burning leaves and thousand tips;

Applicable crops: --------------------------------------------------------------------

Fields, fruit trees, vegetables, flowers, gardens, Chinese herbal medicines, etc.


Dilute 600-1000 times of solution and spray the leaves and stem so fcrops. It is Recommended that the application be more than 3times, with the application interval of 7-10 days.Irrigation, drip irrigation and watering: use this product for 1 mu of land per bag.Application,acupo int application and furrow application:

use this product in 1 mu of land per bag.

Matters needing attention:----------------------------------------------------------

1. It can be mixed with most pesticides (except strong acid and strong alkaline

preparations), which can be prepared and used now to improve the efficacy.

2. It should be stored in a cool and dry place to avoid direct contact with food.

3. In case of drought or rainy weather with insufficient light, the dosage or frequency shall be increased appropriately.

Shelf life: 3 years. Production date and batch number: see code printing or certificate of conformity

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