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Net content:1000ml
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Product features:

1. This product is a high-concentration and high-purity organic liquid fertilizer, which is a calcium-magnesium fertilizer produced by leading chelation technology. It has no irritation and residue, and is a safe and efficient supplement product.

2. This product contains high-efficiency penetrant, which can quickly supplement calcium and magnesium elements, improve nutrient absorption and utilization rate, and promote Plants grow healthily and contain active substances such as stress-resistant factors and organic nutrition, which can improve the disease resistance and resistance of crops. Ability to improve crop quality.

3. Proportion of calcium, magnesium and gold to correct fruit cracking, bitter pox, water heart disease, black heart disease and navel rot caused by calcium deficiency. Diseases and other physiological diseases.

4. No pollution and phytotoxicity: pure natural chelating agent, free of chloride ion and any hormone, no harm to plants after fertilization. Public hazards, no spots on the fruit surface.

Usage: Foliar spraying: diluted by 1,000-1,200 times, evenly sprayed on the front and back of crop leaves at intervals. 10 to 15 days. Drip irrigation and irrigation: 3-5kg per mu, with better effect of foliar spraying.

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