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Mineral Source Potassium Humate




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Product description: ----------------------------------------------------------

This product selects high-quality mineral raw materials and completes natural mineral raw materials and biological enzymes through advanced extraction technology.The deconstruction, activation and remodeling of make the macromolecules that are not easy to absorb become active small molecule carbon source materials that are easy to absorb.It contains a large amount of mineral source fulvic acid, carbon, potassium and trace elements, which can enhance crop stress and disease resistance and improve soil.Excellent performance in. This product is added with seaweed extracts such as seaweed oligosaccharide and alginic acid, which has very good compatibility.And permeability, suitable for economic crops such as fruit trees, melons and vegetables, flowers, traditional Chinese medicine and so on.

Efficacy products: ----------------------------------------------------------

1、Stimulate the growth and development of roots, promote rooting, strong taproots, prosperous

fibrous roots, sufficient growth nutrients, good dredging, enhance plant immunity, improve disease resistance and premature aging resistance.

2、Improve the conversion rate of photosynthesis, promote chlorophyll synthesis, thick and green leaves, strong stems and branches, improve the quality of fruits, improve the utilization rate of inorganic elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, promote flower but differentiation and pollen germination, promote pollination and fertilization, set fruit stably, have high fruiting rate, fast fruit expansion, correct fruit shape, dense pulp,no emptiness, no cracking and deformity, rich nutrition, high sugar content, bright fruitand excellent taste, Increase production and storage and transportation resistance.

3、It is rich in charge, COO, functional groups, and can regulate the growth of crops and prevent premature senescence through the action of - Oh, COO and other functional groups.

4、Improve the plant rhizosphere environment, provide a growth environment for beneficial bacteria in the soil, reduce soil salinity, adjust soil pH value, and repair and improve the red rust, moss and white alkali of the soil.5、 Long term use can eliminatesoil hardening, reshape soil aggregate structure and improve the living environment of microorganisms.

Usage and dosage: ----------------------------------------------------------

At the stage of rooting and seedling strengthening, use it alone or alternately with inorganic element fertilizer, 1kg per mu each time, diluted 600-800 times; In the middle and later stage, 1-2kg per mu each time, this product is compounded with an appropriate amount of large elements, diluted 800-1200 times.matters needing attention1. The hardness of water quality varies from place to place. If it is dissolved in water for a long time, flocculation may occur, which can be dissolved and used immediately2. The mixture of this product and traditional medium elements will produce antagonism. Please use it separately to ensure the effect.3. When compounding with pesticides, ensure that the pH value of the diluent requiredfor the use of pesticides is greater than or equal to 6.

Shelf life: 3 years production date and batch number: see package

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