Buying agricultural materials in 2021, why can't you buy cheap goods?




Affordable and good quality, people love these products when they buy things. Although with the improvement of awareness, more and more people will choose the latter between price and quality when shopping. However, when we sell agricultural materials, we will always encounter those who are greedy for temporary cheapness, and they prefer to choose cheap products. “Why are your things so expensive?”

Can you buy cheap ones? Let's talk about why you can't buy cheap ones.

1. Buy cheap

You are only happy when you finish the price! When you use it, it is very likely that you will not be happy once.

For cheap things, its total cost is not necessarily low, it just makes up for the money saved in other aspects. Think about it, cheap is not good.

2. Buy good quality ones

The moment I give the money is distressing! I am happy every day when I use it, and it feels especially worthwhile. After buying chemical fertilizers, the crops of good quality and poor ones will grow differently. Saving labor and increasing efficiency is the kingly way.

3. Customers are desperately trying to lower prices and calculate costs

The customer always thinks that our fees are expensive, and we are trying to keep the price down, so I want to ask him: "Have you counted the product development cost? Have you counted the labor cost? Have you counted the marketing cost? The company is operating normally. Have you counted the cost? Have the management cost counted? Have the logistics cost counted? Have the warehousing cost counted?……”

Haggling, this is done by the aunts of the vegetable market. If the price of agricultural materials can be cut down, do you still dare to buy this product?

4. The premise of service is profit

The premise of service is profit. Every company must survive. Profits can be appropriately reduced but cannot disappear. You have taken away all the profits to ensure survival. Who will ensure the quality of products and after-sales services?

Bought fertilizers, pesticides, and agricultural machinery. No one will teach you. If you try to figure it out, you will have a big problem. The leaves of the vegetables in the greenhouse have turned yellow. Can I just buy medicine and spray it? Professionals are needed to provide agrochemical services. However, it also costs money to train professionals? Or, do you want people who only fool around to serve you?

5. The quality of the product lies in your choice

Expensive, yes, because it is good, so expensive! The quality of the product is important, and the taste of the people is important! The quality of the product is your choice! There is no such thing as a good product for a small amount of money.

6. Quality first

Someone asked: "Can your product be cheaper. ”

I can only say: "I can't give you a low price, I can only give you a high quality, I would rather explain the price for a while than apologize for the quality for a lifetime".


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